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1drabble's Journal

Many themes, many pairings; one drabble
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A community dedicated to fanfiction which provides a fun prompt challenge for everyone!
Hello everyone, and welcome to 1drabble!

But just what is this thing? Well, allow me to explain:

We are a low-pressure community inspired by 1sentence that presents, like many others, a prompt challenge with a twist! Have you ever found yourself without any inspiration to write? Well, we can bring you the solution: a simple drabble, a few words inspired by one of our themes that can range anywhere from 50 to 500 words, and that's it! Simple as that!

But what must this drabble be about? Well, that's for you to decide! You choose two characters, any two, and write a drabble about them. It has to be about them and their relationship, that's essential, but it doesn't necessarily have to be romantic, it can be friendship, family, sisterly bonds, bromance, etc... the sky is your limit!

If you do choose to go with romance, keep in mind that any sort of romance is allowed, be it boyxgirl, boyxboy or girlxgirl, or even those characters that aren't human can be used as well, that's completely up to you... but bashing is not allowed, in any form or shape.

What about fandoms? Which are allowed? Well, let me put it easy for you: any. Simple as that. Anime/Manga, Tv series, Literature, Comics... you name it. Anything is allowed (yes, including RPF) as long as it's tagged properly and you follow the rules, you'll be ok!


-First of all, join our community. Otherwise, you can't post, obviously.

-In order to write for this, you have to make a post at the Claims post. You must specify which two characters you want, because two people can't have the same claim, which is why it's important that you notice if someone else has already claimed your two characters in the Already Claimed section. Wait until he/she posts their claim, then you can take them.

-You have a total of two months for posting your claims. If you need more time, you can always PM us and ask for an extension, but let me know or your claim will be purged.

-Your drabble must be between 50 and 500 words.

-You may publish your drabble once your claim is accepted and you're listed in the Already Claimed post.

-In the subject line, please just put the pairing and the fandom.

-Do not forget to put everything below an lj cut. Or fake cut, if you prefer.

-You may only hold up to two different claims at the same time.

-Once you've published your drabble, you lose your right to the pairing, which means it won't be listed as yours on the Claimed list anymore and it's available for other people to claim it. This is so that everyone has an equal chance of getting a pairing, perhaps someone is inspired and wants to write about A x B, but it was claimed by someone else. When that someone finished their drabble, then this new guy can claim A x B. You can stilll re-claim the pairing, though, if you're fast enough to post in the Claims post before anyone else ;)

-Adult content is allowed, as long as you put a warning for it before your piece.

-Please keep it civil; absolutely no bashing is allowed here. If you don't like a pairing, that's fine, but don't go around bashing other people's tastes. First offence = warning. Second = banned from the community.

-Spread the word! We're a small community and still brand new, so if you think someone might be interested or you will cross-post your drabble to another community, please don't forget to mention us! The more, the merrier!

-Check out the FAQ for more rules and information.

-Have fun!


Out of these forty (more can be added in the future) words, you must choose one to use for your claim. Here's the small list:
01 - Clouds
02 - Fire
03 - Snow
04 - Letter
05 - Memory
06 - Paradise
07 - Change
08 - Victory
09 - Cold
10 - Weakness
11 - Hunger
12 - Dance
13 - Prayer
14 - Sun
15 - Music
16 - Book
17 - Dirty
18 - Kiss
19 - Light
20 - Bittersweet
21 - Dream
22 - Recovery
23 - Defeat
24 - Silence
25 - Darkness
26 - Water
27 - Animal
28 - Notebook
29 - Blood
30 - Yellow
31 - Skin
32 - Cherry
33 - Hurricane
34 - Innocence
35 - Bite
36 - Apple
37 - Moon
38 - Stars
39 - Death
40 - Alternate Universe


When you go to post your claims, we strongly recommend you to use the following format (you may modify it slightly if you find it easier that way)

Title: (Story's title)
Fandom: (Fandom it belongs to; if it's RPF, just type RPF)
Pairing: (The two characters you claimed)
Theme: (The word you chose)
Rating: (How your stories rated)
Words: (The amount of words in your drabble)
Warnings: (Any warnings to prevent your readers; adult content, if any, must be listed here)
Notes: (Any additional notes you want to share)


To Claim
Already Claimed
List of Completed Claims: [A-M] & [N-Z]
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(To affiliate with us, just send a PM to 1drabblemod!)