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James Bond: Skyfall : James x Q
pony_express wrote in 1drabble
Title: Hurricane
Fandom: James Bond (Skyfall era)
Pairing: James Bond x Q
Theme: Hurricane
Rating: PG-13
Words: 500
Warnings: None.
Notes: None. Characters disclaimed.

It starts off, as most little office things, with small conversations here and there that gradually turn flirtatious, but then you begin to step it up a little. You find Q’s weakness and start to mention it more and more. There’s not a conversation that doesn’t somehow mention it. It gets to Q, you can hear it in his voice. You can hear his fingers tapping away at the keys a little louder. He almost stamps them down at one point. You hold back your sniggering this time. You’ve pushed him to the edge.

You worry at first when his line falls silent. You call his name 2 or 3 times, but give up. You cannot blow your cover. You guess the line failed and Q’s hard at work fixing it. He’s never this long though, and part of you worries about Q, the other worries about you. Q is a second pair of eyes and ears out here, and you can cope perfectly fine without his commands, but you’ve grown to like them.

A sharp hissed turn left allows you to release that breathe you never realised you were holding in. Along with it tumbles out a whole load of emotions and your shoulders lift.

You try to make conversation a little, but it falls on deaf ears. You now realise it’s not a faulty line. Q only talks to you to give you directions. His commands are as short and sweet as he is. . . was. A little fear creeps up on you. No, you know Q will never let you down. It’s that you begin to think you’ve lost a friend. That somewhat witty banter you shared now gone, possibly for good.

You tell yourself you’re not worried. You’ve got nothing to worry about; Q will speak when necessary, he’ll still have your back. A little silent treatment never hurt anyone, you especially. You can handle this.

When you get back to Q branch, Q had calmed a little. His finger glide over the keys, effortlessly. He half smiles when he sees you, but you can feel his off attitude. You open your mouth to speak and that’s when it hits you. Right in the mouth.

Q punches you, hard, in your mouth. It hurts, stings. You tell yourself it’s because it caught you off guard, but even when the shock leaves you, you still feel a tingle.

You turn to look at Q, but he’s not where you expect to find him. He’s not in the room. He’s like a hurricane. In and out with a power blow that still hurts long after. It’s the shock of it all. You fail to understand it at first.

You know you have to apologise. You’ll figure out why exactly; even though you don’t want to know what comment it was that pushed Q passed his limit. But you are proud of him. Proud that he stood his ground. Proud that he can really punch! And that’s a better feeling.


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